geospatially aware

My name is Corrine Rojas. I have a BSc in Geography from Arizona State University that has taken me all around the solar system. I am currently an Operations Engineer for the Mars 2020 Rover Mastcam-Z Science Team. For over three years prior to becoming a Martian, I was a researcher for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera, an instrument aboard the only active NASA mission on the moon. I got to spend a summer at Jet Propulsion Laboratory looking at Mars through the lens of the Mars Science Laboratory, more commonly known as the Curiosity Rover. I am happy to continue to be a part of the mission as an MSL science team collaborator. I was born and raised in Arizona, where I currently reside with much enthusiasm! [Time of writing: mid-January with gorgeous mosquito-free patio weather underneath a blanket.] When I’m not looking at photos of far away places, I am “down-to-“Earth either looking up at the sky (weather enthusiast! Proud member of the NWS/NOAA Skywarn Storm Spotter Program) or working on a handful of things that interest me: gardening, hiking, and microbrewing. 2019 will hopefully be big for hydroponics, 100 miles worth of hikes around the state, and maybe my own beer??? Let’s check back in a few months.

Site is currently under construction, I’ll be adding some more stuff as I come up with it. Enjoy!

Edit (June 2019):
Some great updates!

I have a Twitter account where I try my best at #SciComm and engage people around the world in the name of science! It has helped me make some amazing friendships and opened doors to opportunities to bring representation to minorities like myself in my field. This is a huge deal for me because I would have NEVER thought this career path would be possible, especially as a child of immigrants who grew up in poverty in another country and came to the US (seriously, I probably wouldn’t even know what NASA is if I grew up in the poverty my folks did). I feel a sense of responsibility to be the female role model I always wish I had growing up. I am on the board of the Society of Women in Space Exploration, a place where we promote more girls and diversity in space exploration: Also, I’m on the leadership council of Geolatinas, a group for Latinas in Geosciences and Planetary Science Keep in touch!





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